What if I am unable to attend my closing?

Closing documents can be pre-signed, mailed, faxed or emailed to you prior to closing– no problem.

I am married. Will my spouse have to attend the closing?

If you are married and you are selling any property that you have claimed as your homestead OR if your property is not homesteaded, but your spouse is on the deed, your spouse must attend the closing, present proper ID and be prepared to sign documents.

How will I receive my proceeds from the sale?

Sellers proceeds will be in the form of an escrow check made payable to all parties named on the deed. If you would like to have your check split or payable to a different party, or if you would like your funds wired into your bank account, we will need verbal notice and written authorization before closing. Written wiring instructions must include your bank name, their ABA/routing number, the name on the account and the account number. A nominal wiring fee may apply.

What do I need to bring to the closing?

The following items will be required at closing:

  • The keys to the property and all other entry devices (gate openers, entry cards, garage door remotes, pool keys, mailbox keys, etc.)
  • If you are married…bring your spouse.
  • Government-issued photo ID– driver’s license, passport, state or military IDt
  • If your transaction requires you to bring funds to close, the funds must be in the form of a wire.
How and when do I get my tax and insurance escrow money back from my mortgage company?

Your lender is required to refund any remaining escrowed monies back to you within thirty days after they receive the payoff for your loan. We recommend that you contact your lender directly for information on their refund policy.

Why is my payoff higher than the balance shown on my last mortgage statement?

The payoff figure that your lender sends to us includes interest that accrues from the last payment you made to the date they receive the payoff. For example, if you do not make a payment during the month prior to your closing and the daily interest on your loan is $30. That could add up to $900 to the balance due to your lender at time of pay off. Furthermore, lenders charge payoff and fax fees that could add up to an additional $60.00 Charge to you.


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