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Purchasing a home can be made easier when you work with title companies in Weston. Title companies handle the essential stages of purchasing a home that are necessary to ensure that there are no issues in the future, especially in terms of ownership claims. It can be stressful having to deal with someone who claims to be the real owner of the home. 

Hiring a title company can give you an important ally that can investigate a home or property that you may be interested in. They conduct extensive research relating to the property including its history and documents. Title companies also identify the legal owner of the property and verify if the seller has the authority to sell it or not. 

Continue reading to learn more about the important role that title companies fulfill and how to find the best one for you. If you are interested in working with one of the top title companies in Weston, please contact World Title Company today. 

How A Title Company Does Its Job

A property does not always have a clean title. It could have a numerous problems like an undisclosed heir, falsification of documents, liens due to unpaid taxes, liens by the contractors, mortgage problems and problems with the deeds.

In order to verify if such issues are present, a title company will check public documents. Some of these documents include the will, deeds, mortgage, and other related documents. The title company will even check maps and other tools that can give them helpful information about the estate that they can pass on to their clients.

Part of the job that Weston title companies are responsible for is the preparation of an abstract of title. This document contains vital information like the rightful owner of the property. 

It also includes different constraints and restrictions associated with it and other information that is vital for the users of the document. The title company will also issue an opinion letter that is called a Commitment of Title Insurance. The latter will only be prepared if the company will issue a title insurance.

Title companies in Weston will also give the property owner an insurance policy. This signifies that the company will pay for any legal fees that the buyer will incur in the future if they encounter issues regarding the ownership of the property. The policy is valid for as long as the buyer owns the home.

Choosing Reputable Title Companies In Weston

Title companies play an essential role in purchasing a property. This is why it is important that you work with a reputable company you trust. Typically, a company is included in your settlement statement. However, you do not have to work with the company if you are not confident with them. You can always have the option of choosing another company.

World Title Company provides title insurance and escrow closing services that protect lenders or borrowers against losses from issues with the ownership or legal title of a property. Our insurance products provide an additional layer of security to property transactions while simplifying and speeding up the process.

Please contact us today or call 954-888-4646 if you have any questions or would like to speak with a highly trained escrow assistant. 


Title Companies Weston

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